Gyroscope Impacts

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Toy Gyroscope

Photo 1: Toy Gyroscope


Nuclear Submarine

Photo 2: Nuclear Submarine

The nuclear powered submarine shown in Photo 2 and the communications satellite in Photo 3 both utilize the Electrostatically Suspended Gyroscope.

Communications satellite

Photo 3: Communications Satellite

The Electrostatically Suspended Gyroscope enables these modern marvels to accurately navigate both sea and space without relying on star charts.

People who contributed to the innovation of the gyroscope are Arnold Nordsieck and Howard Knoebel.

– Coordinated Science Laboratory. Howard Knoebel worked in the Coordinated Science Lab once the building was constructed. This building though was not built when the gyroscope was created. The work may have taken place in the Physics Building (currently the Materials Science and Engineering Building) or an abandoned power house.


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